Indeed Job Search will overtake LinkedIn search soon according to report

LinkedIn is currently the biggest job and networking related mobile app in the United States but Indeed Job Search is snapping at its heels according to a new report

LinkedIn is the biggest job or networking related mobile app in the United States. It has three components for its users to network with each other. It uses its Job Search app, Pulse news and the main feed on the site where users can share and comment on posts.

Pulse was acquired in 2013 to incorporate daily professional news and become its default publishing platform. It also focused on its influencer platform.

SurveyMonkey Intelligence has assessed LinkedIn's mobile performance in the US. The report showed that LinkedIn's app is downloaded more than any other job app - at the moment. But things are changing rapidly.

Indeed Job search will overtake LinkedIn search soon according to report ZDNet
SurveyMonkey Intelligence

Its report has predicted that by the end of Q2 2016, Indeed Job Search will have overtaken LinkedIn's job search app in terms of Monthly Active Users (MAUs).

LinkedIn's mobile app had an initial surge of popularity in January with 12.3 million MAUs compared to Indeed's 6.9 MAUs.

Since its promising start LinkedIn's numbers have been falling. MAUs dropped to 9.3 million MAUs with Indeed Job Search coming a close second with 7.15 million MAUs.

Other job search apps such as, CareerBuilder and Snagajob are a degree of magnitude smaller in terms of MAUs.

Unfortunately for LinkedIn its app is not a daily habit like Facebook or Snapchat. The app is only used 2.49 days per week compared to 4.98 days per week for Snapchat.

LinkedIn is used less often than Indeed job Search which is used 2.53 days per week.

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There is hope for LinkedIn. The report showed that the audience on LinkedIn were richer and better educated than other social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat.

Demographics indicated that around 40 percent of LinkedIn's audience earns over 4100k per year in terms of household income.

60 percent of LinkedIn's audience have a college degree or higher.

LinkedIn's first quarter 2016 results showed an 35 percent increase in revenue year on year.

Total jobs unique visitors hit a record high in Q1, up more than 20 percent compared to last year.

Job applicants from its mobile app also reached record highs, up more than 50 percent.

Whilst this report shows a worrying trend for LinkedIn, it is not all over yet. The other job search apps - apart from Indeed - trail LinkedIn by a long way.

LinkedIn should focus on improving its app engagement across all platforms and attracting college graduates to the platform.

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