Indian females make it big in IT

Many Indian women are riding the IT wave and are now in key positions in both India and abroad.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor on
NEW DELHI - Gagandeep Kaur, who works in an IT multinational company in Sweden, noted that Indian women advance faster in their IT careers compared to European women.

Kaur, who obtained her MBA and a Masters in Computer Science in India, also said that the pace of IT is slower in Europe than in India, and that telecommuting is not uncommon in India.

IT actually helps in equalising gender, and Indian women working in IT firms demand no special treatment, Kaur commented.

Kaur admitted that IT is still very much a male-dominated arena, although she added that more women are embracing it.

When it comes to differences in working patterns between India and Sweden, Kaur said that she finds it easier to work in Europe as people consider her a professional. Indians also tend to take feedback more personally, she observed.

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