Indian SaaS provider charts social landscape for clients

With the internet becoming a pivotal arena for commerce and socializing, companies have to be on top of what's being said about them in social media channels and other forums. KonnectSocial thinks it has the answer.
Written by Rajiv Rao, Contributing Writer on

Name: KonnectSocial

Cloud Segment: SaaS

Type of App: (Brand Reputation Management)

Founders/Management: Sameer Narkar

Built by engineers, marketers, and product specialists, KonnectSocial’s social media monitoring and analytics tools and processes help clients track real time data and insights from blogs, forums, news, videos and the social web. These capabilities help businesses to stay abreast of web conversations and to proactively manage their brand’s reputation. The monitoring engine pulls relevant conversations and articles from anywhere on the web, including social channels and news pieces.

The analysis provides information such as social engagement with a brand, the types of posts and videos that are most effective for a brand (and for its competitors), numbers and growth - or decline - in 'fans' over time, and much more besides.

KonnectSocial founder Sameer Narkar

KonnectSocial's social CRM and workflow tools assign tasks to relevant client staff - depending on the nature of the content and sentiment - so they can respond promptly to specific social conversations.  Its competitive analysis facility keeps tabs on rival brands on the web, and on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels, and gives an accurate snapshot of how clients size up against competitors.

As well as 'social listening' and analytics capabilities, KonnectSocial specifically enables clients to track sentiment of 'Influencers' in their industry. 

The company has already won top brand clients from the financial services, telco, aviation, and auto sectors.

With additional features like competitive benchmarking and analytics dashboards delivering detailed snapshots of digital sentiment about their clients' brands, KonnectSocial’s services could soon become an important part of how businesses live and behave on the net.  



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