InFocus Kangaroo Notebook gives you two swappable Windows 10 PC modules in one $299 laptop

Each module contains a full suite of components -- including an Intel "Cherry Trail" Atom processor -- and connects to a laptop dock with 11.6-inch screen. The company hopes to find customers who want two distinct systems that can be switched out as needed.
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InFocus Kangaroo Notebook

Last year, InFocus -- best known for its projectors or other collaborative tech products -- launched the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop, a tiny $99 Windows 10 PC that could connect to any screen and fit in your shirt pocket. Earlier this year, it followed that up with the Mobile Desktop Pro, a more powerful and more expensive sibling.

Perhaps realizing that a screen to plug into isn't always available, InFocus is back again with a twist on the concept. The Kangaroo Notebook appears to be a typical laptop, but it's really a 11.6-inch display that can be connected to two different PC sections that swap into a dock complete with keyboard, touchpad, and ports. In essence you get a different type of "convertible" notebook -- one that switches between two separate computers rather than device modes.

Each module runs Windows 10 and includes an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of built-in storage (with a microSD slot for additional capacity), and built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi. You place either mini-PC into the dock (jutting out slightly), which features a 1,366x768 11.6-inch screen and the other accoutrements you'd find on any other laptop. Unfortunately, the setup is designed to require custom connections, so the modules can't attach to anything other than InFocus' dock.

For $299, the Kangaroo Notebook essentially gives you two distinct laptops for the price of one. The company envisions a scenario where a family uses one module for adult things like productivity apps and the like, while the other one can be used by kids for games and such. Is this an untapped use case that InFocus is tapping into, or a solution looking for a problem? We'll know soon enough, as the Kangaroo Notebook will go on sale on Newegg.com starting next month.

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