Kangaroo launches Microsoft Windows 10 mobile PC for $99

Kangaroo is an ultra portable device that runs Microsoft Windows 10 and allows you to access your work and media files on any device at a price you can afford.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor
Kangaroo launches Microsoft Windows 10 mobile PC for $99 ZDNet
Good news for those of use who like to travel light. Portland Or. based InFocus has released a new Windows 10 mobile desktop in its smallest form - the Kangaroo.

The 2 inch by 3 inch by half an inch thick device is ultra portable, light, and works with any screen.

The 8 ounce device comes with a quad core Intel Atom x5-Z8500 processor, Intel Gen8 graphics and 2GM LPDDR3 memory.

It also comes with battery and dock, HDMI and USB ports. You connect the Kangaroo to a mouse, keyboard and monitor or iPad to access your Windows 10 desktop programs and files.

The casing is finished in black satin aluminium and will slip into your pocket. Connect the Kangaroo to any screen or device - and access Windows 10 64-bit Home edition, Microsoft Office and your personal files.

You could use the device as a workstation during the day and in the evening it can become an entertainment streaming media PC via an HDMI connection on any TV.

The Kangaroo has 32GB of storage which can be upgraded by adding a large-capacity microSD card to the expansion slot.

The battery can provide up to four hours of casual use. Fitted with a fingerprint reader, Microsoft Windows Hello, you can log in without a password.

it also can provide remote access to the desktop using a hardware Action Switch. This enables access when there is no WiFi. Cloud storage is provided by OneDrive. At $99 the Kangaroo will make Windows 10 accessible to anyone.

The makers want to showcase other accessories and intend to include a monitor, storage expansion and port expansion docks to the range.

Will the Kangaroo will change the definition of mobile computing? With access to any of your files at any time without worrying about access to a network, it certainly seems like our behaviour will adjust to instant access to everything we need.

Lawrence Yen, director of Kangaroo product marketing said: "Unlike stick PCs and other pocket PCs, Kangaroo works with all of your existing devices and can be docked at home or tossed in your bag to use anywhere, powering and providing Windows 10 access on the go."

For anyone who travels, delivers presentations and needs access to their files on the go, this is a fantastic way to lighten your PC load.

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