Infosec Taylor Swift, Hipster Hacker among Twitter's twisted security comedians

Information security is no laughing matter. That is, unless you're one of many infosec accounts on Twitter trying to be funny.
Written by Violet Blue, Contributor
Infosec Taylor Swift on Security

Information security is no laughing matter — unless you're one of many infosec accounts on Twitter trying to be funny.

I say "trying to" because some Twitter infosec comics are actually funny, and some are seriously not. They are loved and hated in equal measure. They're foul-mouthed, occasionally offensive, dry and snarky, and some accounts feel like inside jokes of inside jokes... because they're all of that. Some are even automated bots.

But one thing all the parody and humorous information security accounts share is that they just might help make the crushing weight of infosec's tendency to take itself way too seriously a little bit less... crushing.

Infosec Taylor Swift, aka "Swift On Security"@SwiftOnSecurity -- probably everyone's favorite infosec parody account, "she" blends Swift's girlish romanticism with biting security sarcasm.

Bio: "Every single tweet should be good. Founder and CEO of SwiftSec, an elite computer security company. Sumpreme InfoSec Thought Commander."



Clueless Security, aka "Bug Bounty King" @CluelessSec — With its "for dummies" logo, this hilarious account mocks money-grubbing, fame-seeking bug hunters with aplomb.

Bio: "Hi ur site has serious security flaw. Plz fix soon!"



NSA Public Relations, @NSA_PR — Not strictly an infosec parody account, NSA PR straddles security humor and the ongoing security public relations quagmire the NSA has found itself in since we first heard the name "Edward Snowden."

Bio: "We care, we're here to listen. Obvious parody."



The Other Grugq, @thegrugq_ebooks — An insider joke and an automated account that carries itself off well, this bot posts remixed "nonsense" clips from the account of a well-known hacker known for his expertise in operational security (among other erudite traits). 

Bio: "OPSEC strategist attaché"



Vice Hacker News, @ViceHN — This intentionally offensive, painfully funny, snarky and pointed account combines the idiocy of Silicon Valley/Hacker News and VICE Magazine headlines, yet somehow doesn't manage to fold the universe in half with all the annoyingness of both in one place at one time.

Bio: "The Definitive Guide to Budding Digital Engineers. Who Will Always Be Cooler Than You."



Hipster Hacker, @hipsterhacker — All the "before it was cool" Java jokes with a touch of Portlandia, plus zingers conveying the perspective of a hacker/developer who embodies all the ineffectual, arrogant traits of a techie-hipster.

Bio: "My code is poetry, meanwhile yours is oh-noetry."



I Am Devloper, @iamdevloper — a real person who is sometimes mistaken for a parody humor account, and seems fine with it.

Bio: "These views are also the opinions of my employers, any problems, speak to their legal team. *puts headphones back in*"



Fake Infosec News, @fakeinfosecnews — the name says it all, delivering fake, mocking and ridiculous infosec-themed headlines to match the ones we're wading through in our news readers every day.

Bio: "Fake infosec news you can use. Up-to-date inaccurate information on all the cybers, as they happen."



PHP CEO, @PHP_CEO — If PHP had a personality, it would be the PHP CEO. All the stupidity of startups led by a shouty, clueless human version of PHP, in tweet form.




F Is For Fail, @failymonster — This may not be the hard-hitting humor some people crave, but F Is For Fail manages to swoop in on publicly known security failures as they happen in the news and take "credit" for the fail. Some tease the account for being a roaming fail fairy, dooming everything it touches.

Bio: "I am a security consultant with a reputation that proceeds me! I love to help!"



Security Humor, @SecurityHumor — a classic, well-known account that provides a constant, humorous commentary on the disappointments and inevitabilities of infosec work.

Bio: "Standup Philosopher of Infosec and everything else. No topic too high or too low."



There are other funny Twitter accounts that get a lot of retweeting from hackers, but aren't necessarily about security which should get an honorable mention because they're so damn funny. I'd be remiss not to include Nein Quarterly, Pinboard, CNN Your Mom, and Swearengen CD (warning: like the HBO Deadwood character, this Creative Director uses very explicit language).

Although always, of course, you can't please everyone, and we endure the infosec people who just hate fun.



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