Intacct builds performance reporting into flagship service

New reporting capabilities enable midsize businesses to examine transactions, budget entries and other operational measures in far greater detail.

Cloud accounting and financial management service provider Intacct has layered additional reporting and business intelligence capabilities into its applications. Called Performance Cards, the new dashboard visualizations enable midsize companies to draw insights out of their existing financial information.

"Midmarket companies are getting more complex more quickly," said Vijay Ramakrishnan, senior director of product marketing for Intacct. "If they don't have the capability to support that complexity, they run into inefficiences."

The new functionality is built into the latest release of the Intacct Financial Management System. Users can assign different values to transactions, operational measures, budget entries and other financial metrics, and then use wizards to create key performance indicator reports that help them uncover trends that could point to management or process issues. 

Of course, the cards quickly visualize information such as net income, profit margin, receivables, expenses, payables and so on related to specific time periods. But they go way beyond that. So, for example, a real estate company might be able to examine expenses per tenant on a monthly basis. You could look at strategic accounts, progress against critical products, and so on. 

If you're into product demo videos, the one below provides a deeper explanation of how to use the new features.