Intel buying natural language virtual assistant startup Indisys

Intel put the spotlight on data center architectures this week, but it looks like the processor giant is stepping up mobility in other ways too based on a new acquisition.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Intel is calming down after its annual Developer Forum in San Francisco this week while news quietly rolls out that the processor giant has acquired Indisys, a Spanish startup focusing on natural language recognition technology.

Reps for Intel confirmed the purchase to ZDNet on Friday morning, noting that "a majority of Indisys employees joined Intel."

The deal already went through on May 31.

Financial terms of the agreement are not being disclosed, but according to TechCrunch, Intel likely paid more than $26 million for Indisys.

An Intel spokesperson added that "the value of the transaction is not material to Intel."

Such a deal does not come as much of a surprise.

Intel already has a relationship with Indisys through its venture capital arm, Intel Capital.

Last fall, Indisys closed a round of fund raising, which brought in close to $5 million, led by Intel Capital.

While Intel put the spotlight on data center architectures for the most part this week, mobility has been a much bigger priority for the chip maker for some time now.

Many of the natural language and dialog management solutions in the Seville-based company's portfolio are targeted toward mobile platforms -- namely in the forms of intelligent virtual assistant apps for facilitating sales and customer service.

Nevertheless, Intel staying mum on how Indisys' resources will be integrated within the global corporation.

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