Intel buys into wireless

Chip mammoth invests in WAP specialist and sets up Japanese development centre
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Intel is sinking its teeth into wireless with two new investments.

Intel Capital, the chip manufacturer's investment arm, is acquiring an undisclosed stake in WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) specialist PassCall Advanced Technologies, based in Haifa, Israel, according to a report in Tuesday's Jerusalem Post. The company's main product is GateWave, which allows mobile phone users to connect to the Internet.

At the same time, Intel is delving into the Wideband-CDMA mobile phones market in Japan, announcing a new Wireless Competence Centre there. The next-generation technology allows broadband Internet access through a mobile phone. Intel said the centre will work with the Japanese mobile phone industry to manufacture Net-enabled handsets.

Intel created a similar centre in Stockholm, Sweden in November, and recently formed a Wireless Communications and Computing Group to exploit the next-generation wireless market.

The announcement comes as the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association launches its Wireless 2000 show in New Orleans this week.

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