Intel cancels Tejas and Jayhawk

Update: The chip giant has abandoned plans to release a fourth-generation Pentium 4 chip next year

Intel has confirmed that it is shelving its next chips for desktop and server computers. Code-named Tejas and Jayhawk, the chips were to be based on the company's Pentium 4 design, but the company says it now concentrating on dual-core processors.

"We have reprioritised resources and are taking the design team away from the products code-named Tejas and Jayhawk," an Intel spokesperson told ZDNet UK. "We have seen the computing need for home, office and entertainment continue to evolve in an accelerated fashion towards the benefits of Intel hyper-threading, multitasking and multithreading technology. To deliver this, we have decided to accelerate dual-core desktop client products in 2005, in addition to our already planned power-optimised dual core products for the mobile space and our dual-core Itanium."

The spokesman declined to comment on whether the new dual-core desktop products would be based on the Pentium M chip design. This has been widely predicted, as the Pentium M delivers nearly equivalent performance to the Pentium 4 but with much less power consumption. Dual-core designs put two processors in one package, increasing computing power over single-core systems but with greater heat dissipation requirements.

Intel is expected to announce the latest and fastest single-core Pentium M chip, code-named Dothan, on Monday.

Reuters contributed to this report.