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Intel's Developer Forum puts the 64-bit McKinley server chip in the limelight. Future PC technologies are also on show. A ZDNet UK News Focus
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Highlights from the Intel Developer Forum Intel's Pat Gelsinger on expanding Moore's Law Intel displays new notebook designs Melissa Francis looks at servers running on Intel's Prestonia chip COMMENT:
Why Intel will never inspire an iMac
Tues 26 Feb:
The latest iMac is a triumph for aesthetics - but Matt Loney argues that concept PCs will never scale the same design heights NEWS:
Intel: Chips will network the world
Fri 1 Mar:
Intel's chief technology officer used his keynote at IDF to look to the future, when chips will link all aspects of people's lives Don't expect a low-voltage Pentium 4
Thurs 28 Feb:
Intel won't be trying to fit the P4 into ultraportable notebooks that require low-power chips Quiet, cool and holey - future computers take a new form
Thurs 28 Feb:
New technologies impose new rules and give new freedoms, according to Intel's Desktop Architecture Labs, and the next decade will see PCs redesigned from the inside out New Pentium 4 to debut in 2003
Thurs 28 Feb:
Intel says Prescott, the next version of its Pentium 4 chip, will use hyper-threading to beef up desktop performance. Also for next year: The arrival of the 3GIO component connection standard Itanium line to grow over next three years
Thurs 28 Feb:
Intel is continuing its relentless assault on big-iron enterprise servers, with a new 64-bit processor to come out every year for the next three years Intel looks for help on future PC concept
Thurs 28 Feb:
It is three years since Intel concept PCs first appeared - and quickly disappeared. Now Intel is looking to the public and industry to help with its Lecta concept PC platform Intel's cure for 'sick' industry
Weds 27 Feb:
Intel unveils three network processors and discusses how its networking strategy can make the business less risky Intel's tri-mode future for wireless networking
Weds 27 Feb:
Wireless LAN standards are battling it out - but Intel has a plan for reconciling their differences New memory technologies on the way
Weds 27 Feb:
The stuff memories are made of will be increasingly diverse and exciting, says Intel, as new materials promise a golden age for one of the most ubiquitous components of the digital world AMD claws Intel with Hammer
Weds 27 Feb:
The chip maker holds its first demonstration of Hammer, the next-generation chip which is designed to give Intel a run for its money Barrett: PC market on the mend
Tues 26 Feb:
The market for PC hardware is 'stabilising', particularly outside the US - but it's still a very uncertain world, the chip giant says Streamed video: A demonstration of Intel's XScale processor Faster Rambus DRAM to take on rivals
Tues 26 Feb:
With one eye on competing SDRAM makers, Rambus gets ready to show off speedier DRAM technology at the Intel Developer Forum Next generation Serial ATA kicks off
Tues 26 Feb:
With the new high-speed hard disk interface, Serial ATA version 1, still some way off, work is already starting on version 2 Intel puts on show with Prestonia
Mon 25 Feb:
The chip giant kicks off its annual extravaganza with the launch of its first server chip based on Pentium 4, as it bids for a bigger presence in the high-end server market Intel rivals aim to trump its conference
Fri 22 Feb: AMD and Broadcom attempt to draw some of the attention away from the Intel Developer Conference with major announcements of their own
Intel chips lift new Dell servers
Wed 20 Feb:
Dell introduces servers using Intel's Prestonia chip with high-end features for the low end of the market Intel promises McKinleys galore
Thurs 14 Feb: At the Intel Developer Forum, the chip giant will show off more of its next-generation server chips than ever before. But most of the hype will centre on Intel's non-PC plans
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