Intel prepping new mobile chip

The mobile Pentium III's days are numbered
Written by John G. Spooner, Contributor on

Intel sources say the chip maker is working to replace its top-of-the-line notebook processor, the mobile Pentium III, with a new chip, code-named Northwood, in 2001.

Northwood, based on the same next-generation 32-bit architecture as Intel's forthcoming Willamette desktop chip, will mark the beginning of Intel's transition to a 0.13-micron process. Changing process technologies allows a chip maker to increase performance while reducing both cost and power consumption.

Northwood's sister chip -- Willamette -- is scheduled to debut late this year. It will offer speeds up to and exceeding 1GHz, according to Intel.

Intel isn't the only mobile-chip maker with changes in the pipeline, however. Advanced Micro Devices is expected to begin shipping a mobile version of its Athlon processor well before Northwood hits the streets.

That mobile Athlon, about which little is known, will be based on AMD's Mustang processor core. It will include integrated cache and be compatible with AMD's Socket A.

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