Intel price cuts make PII yet more mass-market

Intel yesterday cut pricing on its processor line, reining the Pentium II even further into the mainstream. The moves follow Intel's traditional quarterly pattern of price shaves.

While the chip Leviathan debuted the 333MHz Pentium II at $722, the previous top-end 300MHz device is cut 28 per cent from $738 to $530, the 266MHz is down 29 per cent from $530 to $375, and the 233MHz is 33 per cent down to $268 from $401.

Pentium Pro prices stay the same but the Pentium MMX desktop flavour is hacked apart with 233MHz chips down 38 per cent from $300 to $193, the 200MHz speed down 42 per cent form $213 to $123, and the 166MHz part down from $112 to $95.

Mobile versions of the Pentium MMX are cut by up to 51 per cent wth the 266MHz reduced from $659 to $466, the 233MHz down from $605 to $359, the 200MHz from $423 to $230, and the 1.8-volt 166MHz cut from $300 to $161.