Intel to debut two new chips

Intel Corp. on Aug. 2, will introduce two new PC processors and lower prices on two current ones.

The new processors, a 600MHz Pentium III and a 500MHz Celeron, will cost $669 (£408) and $167, respectively, in units of 1,000, according to Intel officials. Sources close to Intel said the company will lower prices on current Celeron models to make room for the new one. The price of a 466MHz Celeron will be $114, down from $147 (in units of 1,000), while a 433MHz version will cost $93, down from $113, the sources said. OEMs are expected to offer systems based on the new chips at record low prices. Compaq Computer Corp. for instance, plans to offer a PIII system that starts at $1,799 and a 500MHz Celeron-based system for $999, Intel officials said. Intel is expected to release a mobile version of the Pentium III later this year. Company officials said they expect sales of the PIII processor to exceed Pentium II sales in the third quarter. Read what AMD thinks of Intel's new 600MHz chip here

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