Internet to revolutionise job hunting

'All recruitment will be done online in ten years time'

The Internet will revolutionise job hunting and all recruitment will be done online in ten years time according to one online recruitment agency.

Wideyes is launching a series of on and off-line recruitment agencies across Europe this year and is convinced the Internet will give employees power over their careers as well as enabling employers to select more suitable staff. The government is also jumping on the bandwagon, promising job hunting to be commonplace on the Net by 2002. Some job centres already offer online job searching facilities.

Vice chairman of Wideyes Krister Hanner believes the Net provides the perfect solution for job hunters. "It is fast, removes the stress of looking for a job and allows candidates to take control of their working lives," he said. Hanner predicts there will be 16 million CVs online by 2002 and hopes Wideyes will offer a database of 2 million candidates by that time.

According to the Institute of Personnel and Development 32 percent of companies are currently using the Net for recruitment with 14 percent of candidates recruited via the Net. An NOP survey, published in March, found that 1.2 million people had used the Internet in the previous month to search for a job or employment.