iOS 4.1 rumored to fix troubled iPhone 3G

Could iOS 4.1 finally make iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G usable?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor on

Earlier this month we mentioned ways that you could get Apple to swap out your iPhone 3G, if you had upgraded it to iOS 4 and rendered it practically unusable. Now we're hearing that not only is there a fix coming soon, but that it actually has somewhat of a release date.

According to many tweets that were discovered and reported on by CultOfMac, many beta testers of iOS 4.1 are reporting that running 4.1 on an iPhone 3G seems to actually make iOS 4 usable on the iPhone 3G. Apparently you can download apps faster, and input text faster, among other things.

Given that iOS 4.1 is still in beta, and technically only available to developers, most people have no way of confirming yet. That said, with Apple having an event next week, you can bet that Steve Jobs will address the issue somehow, probably along with an iPad iOS 4 update, some new iPod Touches with cameras and retina display ... and maybe even an iTV.

I'm a registered developer and have an iPhone 3G lying around. It has not yet been upgraded to iOS 4 so I might take the plunge and give iOS 4.1 a shot and report back. If you want me to give it a go, say so in the comments.

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