iPad Mini? Nah, here comes the iBook

Rumors are swirling about the iPad Mini that Apple will soon release upon the buying masses. For Apple to enter the previously shunned small tablet market there must be a valid business reason. Pushing the iBook store would be that reason, and with the new iBook tablet even more so.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

No company generates rumor-mongering and speculation like Apple. Whenever circumstances start pointing to a new Apple product, the pundits go mad with speculation. The rumor of a smaller iPad, or iPad Mini, has even hit the major news outlets. The pundits are weighing in with thoughts on what the little iPad will look like.


What few are discussing is why Apple might enter the small tablet space following the Nexus 7 by Google. Reviews of the Nexus 7 have been positive, and some believe Apple will enter that space to knock the Nexus 7 off its small tablet pinnacle.

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You never know what is going on at Apple, but there is one business area where a smaller iPad not only makes sense but fits in with business at Apple. A smaller iPad would be perfect as an ebook reader, one that let Apple make a big push with its iBooks.

The iBooks have been around for a while, but haven't made a dent in the Amazon Kindle business. Even the Nexus 7, although a Google product, is no doubt resulting in lots of Kindle books being purchased from Amazon due to the Kindle app.

It makes good sense for Apple to release the smaller iPad to go after the ebook crowd. While the bigger iPad is a fine ebook reader, a smaller form factor is much better for reading books on the go.

Even though the smaller iPad would run the same apps as the bigger sibling, selling it as an ebook reader would give Apple the opportunity to really push its iBook content. I can see the ads now, happy people reading iBooks on the new little iPad. Apple could even call the new iPad the iBook. That would be a smart move.

The new iBook could be sold as a full iPad with benefits. Namely, the ability to take it everywhere and read the thousands of books in the Apple store. The iPad could be touted as the textbook device of choice and the iBook for more leisurely pursuits.

I can see the ads now, typical Apple fluff pushing the iBook as the best ebook reader on the planet. Oh, and it runs the millions of iPad apps, too. No genius required.

It would fit Apple's strategy like a glove, and I guarantee Apple would sell 10 million iBooks in just a few short months. Perhaps even by the holiday season.

Image credit: iMore

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