Will Apple really announce a thinner, lighter, and narrower iPad mini in September?

The rumor mill is active around the iPad mini and I have to say these latest mockups sure look attractive. The Nexus 7 appears to be selling well and the iPad mini will be a huge success if it comes in at the sub-$300 price.

I haven't chimed in at all on the plethora of iPad mini rumors, but my friend Rene Ritchie has piqued my interest with his latest post on iMore. I have the Nexus 7 tablet and a new iPad and have to admit that an iPad mini like Rene shows is very compelling to me, especially if it comes in less than $300.

We have always seen rumors of iPhone devices in the past, but I have to say I am a bit surprised by how much seems to be leaking out for the iPad mini at this time. I doubt Apple cares too much that the Nexus 7 is apparently selling well, but maybe they don't mind these leaks since it isn't gong to cannibalize any of their current sales.

The mockups tend to show the iPad mini as either a larger iPod touch or a smaller iPad and the one Rene posted is more like an iPod touch with a narrower design than the iPad with a smaller display. I find this more attractive than just a smaller iPad and as you can see it closely matches the size of the Nexus 7.


Image credit: iMore

While the aspect ratio and bezel design more be more in line with the iPod touch, Rene made it clear that he thinks this is truly an iPad with the ability to run all iPad apps. It will be smaller, lighter, and cheaper and if it can truly launch in the sub-$300 range then it should sell by the millions.

My Nexus 7 is a great Android tablet, but my iPad is built better and is a better tablet for me. Thus, if an iPad mini really does launch then it is likely that I will replace my Nexus 7 with it. My iPad will remain though because I am quite productive with a large screen tablet, especially with the integrated Verizon LTE service.

Are you interested in an iPad mini?

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