iPod website scammers collared

Don't enter the matrix...

Don't enter the matrix...

The Office of Fair Trading has put the mockers on two websites scamming consumers with the offer of an assortment of high tech gadgets.

The sites - pulsematrix.com and themobilematrix.com - encouraged consumers to join a waiting list by buying cheap electronic goods, including phone rechargers. The sites promised users they would eventually get their hands on higher end gadgets, including iPods and laptops, when more users joined the schemes and bumped them to the top of the waiting list.

While users could try and jump up the list faster by signing up new members or using third party services, the OFT decided that the schemes were "unlawful lotteries" as a user's 'prize' was likely to be determined by the behaviour of other users.

Two men behind the schemes have agreed to put an end to them and not to institute any further such promotions.