Is Amazon worth $15 billion?

Is Amazon worthy of its $15 billion valuation? A News.


Is Amazon worthy of its $15 billion valuation? A's story looks at Amazon as it celebrates its 10th anniversary, sounding caution from Wall Street analysts who cite growing competition from traditional retailers and comparison shopping sites; discounting pressures; and a lack of sustained growth in operating margins and profits. Clearly, Amazon has paved the way for the competition to follow, but it has also established the premier shopping experience on the Web. But unless the competiton--ranging from specialty stores to other shopping portals like provide a superior user experience and outdo Amazon in making users happy beyond discounts and free shipping, the now 10-year old Web shopping legend will prosper no matter what the analyst say. Making customers happy and loyal wins over the long term. Unless Amazon does something monumentally stupid it will be around to lead another roller coasting ten years of Internet shopping...