Is this the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

A picture from an official Samsung account includes a smartphone we haven't seen before. Is it the Note 8?
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer on

A tweet posted on Thursday afternoon by the official Samsung Exynos account meant to tease the next generation Exynos processor. Instead, it's the smartphone the company included in the picture that's catching everyone's attention.

Here's the tweet:

A copy of the photo is below in case Samsung removes the tweet.

Is it the Note 8? It certainly looks like it could be a render for the unannounced device. The screen on the device in the photo is bigger than photos and renders used by the same account depicting the Galaxy S8.

The top bezel, just above the screen, has a speaker cutout that appears bigger than what's found on the Galaxy S8 as well.

However, the lack of any sort of buttons on the only visible side of the mysterious device is at the very least a small red flag that this image is a simple render. It's hard to imagine Samsung cramming all of the buttons on the left side of the phone, including the currently pointless Bixby button.

ZDNet has asked Samsung to clarify which device is in the photo, and will update this post should we hear back.

The good news is we may not have to wait much longer to see the Note 8. A recent report pegs the Note 8 announcement as just over a month away, with Samsung expected to hold an event in New York City on August 23.

Reports claim the Note 8 will feature a similar design to that of the Galaxy S8, with a 6.3-inch Infinity Display, dual-rear cameras, and an S-Pen.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/ZDNet
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