IT staff told 'what not to wear'

Tech workers need to drop the t-shirts and start wearing matching socks, claims a top style guru

IT professionals are bottom of the pile when it comes to natty dressing, an Australian corporate stylist has claimed.

Speaking at the Corporate Chic show in Sydney, Melanie Moss slammed tech workers for a litany of fashion crimes, including sporting short-sleeved shirts, man-made fibres and wrongly coloured socks.

"Because the majority of IT people are not in front of customers all the time, they tend to slack off," said Moss, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Those working in - and depending on - the IT industry, might be thankful that it is naturally a place where fashion sense takes a back seat to knowledge and actual ability. But Moss is not impressed. She believes that help-desk workers and staff at tech start-ups — many of whom are apparently "guilty" of wearing t-shirts to work — need to shape up.

"The Internet is now such a massive industry but people haven't caught up in terms of their dress," she said.

Moss added that the second most badly dressed industry is the retail sector.