Japan is developing super-fast Wi-Fi by 2020

Japan hopes to have an ultrafast Wi-Fi network up and running by the time it hosts the Olympic Games.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

When the Olympics come to town it usually means major investments infrastructure like roads, transit, and energy for the host nation (it's up for debate whether those infrastructure investments spurred by the Olympics are actually beneficial).

In Japan -- the latest country to learn it gets to spend billions to host really fast people for a month -- investment in infrastructure for the Olympics will also mean investments in super-fast Wi-Fi. How fast? As a Japanese official tells AFP:

"The chips would use very high frequency bands, called terahertz signals, which could move data at a rate of 100 GB per second. And that would be as fast as downloading three movies in a second," he said.

Development is still in its infancy, but Japan hope to have the technology in place by 2020, when it hosts the Summer Olympics.

If the network is built, it would be faster than the current world record holder for Wi-Fi network speed.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Nalilord

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