Jesux hoax uncovered

'Linux for Christians' Web page author comes clean.

Jesux, the so-called Linux distribution for Christians, has been revealed to be a hoax.

At almost midnight Wednesday, the still-anonymous author of the Jesux page came clean, posting a note that acknowledged the hoax. "Jesux started out as a joke (and it still is, to some degree or another)," says the author.

Jesux seems to be along the same vein as Sinux -- a phony Linux system "for evil hackers, clans... and sinners". The Jesux page author claims he started Jesux because of "the silly hubbub started over the mythical 'Chick Linux.' " Chick Linux is shorthand for the idea of a women-centred Linux distribution. The Jesux page author, who claims to be a Unix administrator, goes on to say that "Jesux was not intended as a slam on anybody." He adds that he is a Christian himself.

Why the name "Jesux", then? The Web site author explains, while "Jesux... connotes 'Jesus sux' for some people, I actually had no thought of 'Jesus sux' when the name 'Jesux' was first introduced to me. It is just 'Jesus' with an 'x,' just like 'Linux' is 'Linus' with an 'x'."

The Web site author says he still believes a real Jesux distribution might not be a bad idea. "There is a real need/desire for some of 'Jexus'," he says. Some would be interested in "a 'micro-distribution', including stuff like the bookmarks, fortune files, etc." The author also doesn't retreat on his idea for a Christian Software Public License (CSPL). He says, "This is not different in any way to the BSD licenses, except for the text of the message. It is perfectly in line with all of the principles of the Open Source Definition." Indeed, if someone actually made available a Jesux distribution, the page author says he sees a CSPL as a viable alternative.

Was Jesux a hoax? Yes, it was. But there is no reason the ideas outlined on the Jesux page cannot be implemented by interested parties, the author says. As the author says, "I don't think there is any reason (apart from this text, perhaps) to assume Jesux is a hoax. Perhaps you've all not been around the Christian community as much as I. This could very well be real. Further, I caution you not to assume that just because I am not entirely serious, that Jesux is a hoax. You may think this text is a vindication of your belief all along that it was a hoax. I don't think it is."

ZDNN sister publication Sm@rt Reseller spoke to several developers, who wish to remain anonymous because of what they see as the anti-Christian hysteria Jesux caused in some circles, who claim they plan on implementing many of Jesux's ideas. So, the idea of a "Christianised" Linux lives on.

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