Job creation continues in Brazilian IT sector despite recession

The technology sector is of the few still creating new employment vacancies
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

New jobs continue to be created within the Brazilian information technology sector despite the current recession the country is facing.

Some 10.105 new IT job vacancies have been created between in June alone, an increase of 3.640 new jobs on the same month in 2014, according to data from recruitment group Catho.

The IT sector is one of the few where the number of contracts surpassed terminations in the first seven months of the year, according to government reports. Analyst IDC predicts the sector will grow by 5 percent this year and will generate $156.6bn in 2015.

Examples of companies currently hiring in Brazil include Amazon, who is sending its international country expansion team next week to hire software engineers to work in its development center in São Paulo.

Microsoft is also selecting graduates for its trainee program in Brazil. In addition, Google and Facebook are looking for Brazilian technology professionals to work in Ireland.

According to the Brazilian Association of Information Technology Companies (Brasscom), there is still a shortage of 45,000 IT professionals to meet the current local demand.

However, changes in the payroll tax relief IT companies benefitted from until recently brought serious issues to the industry, according to Brasscom president Sergio Paulo Gallindo.

The sector is living "a horror movie," according to the trade union head, who warned that more problems are in the horizon as the government is planning on increasing other employment-related taxes.

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