John Edwards goes crazy for social networks

Is 24 links to social networks too many? Is it smart to be so Web 2.0-savvy or off-putting to plain folks?
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor on
Noting criticism that John Edwards' site goes overboard with so many links to social networking sites - 24 of them - David All at TechPresident praises Edwards "messy" website.
John Edwards' use of 24 different social networking tools is smart. And it's given me 24 more reasons to visit his website, again, to see what he's doing.

Edwards is so far ahead of the pack, especially Republicans, that he continues to make his way in to every story regarding the tech + politics sphere.

All likes Edwards' spaghetti approach - throwing it all at the wall and seeking what sticks.
If one or two of these sites adds real value to his team before it's mainstream, he may be able to find the next meetup which Howard Dean first used effectively.
Whether or not it even works to have that many links is somewhat immaterial, All says. It's free media.
The fact that he even has 24 different accounts is noteworthy and gives folks a reason to talk about John Edwards' use of community-building tools around the water-cooler. The most common note I've read with regard to this is, "Twenty-four accounts? I didn't even know there were 24 social-networking communities?" He'll get a lot of earned media hits for it too.

All also expresses shock that neither McCain not any other Republican even has a MySpace page.

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