Jon Stewart to Apple: 'If you want to break down somebody's door, start with AT&T'

Comedian Jon Stewart weighs in on the Apple-Gizmodo iPhone investigation snafu, lambasting the company for going against its '1984' roots.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

The fourth-generation Apple iPhone-Gizmodo snafu has reached critical mass.

With copious amounts of news coverage, an insider tech industry story has blown open into a full-on pop culture reflection point, with coverage in major newspapers and on television news reports.

Last night, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart weighed in his usual half-joking half-serious way, lambasting Apple for going against its 1984 roots and putting the fire under San Mateo law enforcement's rears to begin an investigation into a phone "they already gave back."

The full clip, after the jump:

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