JouleX energy manager integrates with more of the usual suspects

Data center power monitoring and management system taps into advanced features for controlling energy usage on servers from HP, Dell and IBM
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

I don't obsess over every data center energy management widget that is announced because I would spend my life writing about widgets, but I wanted to highlight a technology update this week from JouleX because it extends the developer's integration with key infrastructure technologies from Cisco, Intel, VMware, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and IBM.

To start, the latest version of JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) boasts close integration with the latest version of CiscoEnergyWise, the networking giant's system for reducing power consumption when networking and IP telephony equipment is idle as well as for controlling certain client devices on Cisco networks.

The JouleX software also supports Intel Data Center Manager and VMware vCenter and vMotion. The fact that JouleX support virtualization technology so closely is definitely a plus, because this is still an emerging area for many of the companies focused on technology power management software and solutions.

The update also allows JEM to tap directly into the advanced power controls in certain servers from Dell, HP and IBM.

The bottom line is that JouleX is continuing to focus on helping data center managers see and act on power consumption across a broad range of devices, without requiring them to go to a half-dozen different applications to do it. JouleX President and CEO Tom Noonan said:

"We continue to accelerate our technology development in terms of creating actionable energy intelligence for our customers to make quicker decisions, optimize their existing infrastructure and reduce their operating expenses."

As I have reported in the past, JEM carries a starting price of about $10,000 for a data center running 100 servers.

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