Judge grants Microsoft more time on Java

US District Judge Ronald Whyte granted Microsoft Corp. extra time to make some of its products compliant with Sun's Java.

US District Judge Ronald Whyte granted Microsoft Corp. extra time to make some of its products compliant with Sun's Java. Microsoft's original deadline was February 15.

Accompanying Whyte's order are six sets of lists covering hundreds of SKUs, or product bundles -- many in foreign languages -- as well as 10-day extensions on products in 12 languages which are sold through the OEM channel. In total, extensions on products range from 30 to 180 days.

Microsoft must require OEMs to preinstall only compliant products on OEM Customer Systems shipped after July 1. Systems introduced after February 15 must have preinstalled compliant operating systems within 60 days of Microsoft shipping them and must be configured so that compliant Java overwrites non-compliant Java. Between February 15 and July 1, systems that are non-compliant must contain a "prominent notice" of a CD containing a later released compliant implementation as well as an auto-run CD that a customer can use to overwrite any non-compliant Java.

Microsoft is also required to prove that it did not increase production of certain non-compliant products after the Judge's November order by providing an inventory of such products by February 15. That list, Exhibit F, includes several consumer products as well as Excel 98, Office 98 and Powerpoint 98 for the Mac; FrontPage 98; Office Small Business Edition 97.2; Project 98; Publisher 98 and Site Server 3.0.

Microsoft is prohibited after February 15 from shipping any non-compliant Virtual Machines that overwrite compliant Virtual Machines. And it must require distributors and licensees including OEMs, ISVs, and licensees of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit to "expedite or facilitate the earliest possible distribution" of compliant products "consistent with its customary practices in the ordinary course of business."

Other affected products include Windows 98 and SQL Server 7.0, although English North American versions have apparently been fixed. Microsoft has also says it has fixed Visual J++ 6.0 and its Virtual Machines for Internet Explorer 4 and 5.

A hearing on Microsoft's appeal of the Judge's order is expected this summer.


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