Just another global warming conspiracy

Conspiracy theories swirl around global warming research.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor on

Now it's climatologists who are seeing a global warming (GW) conspiracy. Some GW skeptics claim scientists have cooked the books. Now some of those scientists say they're taregts of an organized campaign to disrupt and undermine their science. Now comes word that somebody tried to break into the office of a Canadian climate researcher.

And there are claims that Russian hackers stole the docs and emails from the University of East Anglia servers. One popular theme among skeptics has been the unfounded claim that the East Anglia emails were leaked by a whistleblower. Russia. Hackers. Oil industry. Cybercrime. Makes a nice tight conspiracy package. No publicized evidence here yet.

The British meterology office will be releasing tons of climate data from around the world next week. This is one response to the skeptics charges that data has been destroyed or distorted by GW alarmists.

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