KiteDesk aggregates social streams, cloud services

If you're maintaining multiple Google accounts or Twitter feeds, the startup's cloud and mobile application will help you bring everything together into a unified inbox.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor


There are plenty of applications emerging to help tame professionals tame all the social networks and cloud services that are a part of their daily life.

One of the latest is a new mobile app called KiteDesk, developed for the Apple iOS platform. The idea behind the service is to help you quickly review streams of your messages and posts from Google, Yahoo!, Twitter and Facebook. You can also connect to Dropbox or Google Drive, to manage your files. One note: I find the omission of LinkedIn from the list of supported services to be a little odd given how many small businesses rely on it. (Maybe a future priority?)

What's the point or purpose? As far as I can tell, one benefit of KiteDesk is that it helps provide context around upcoming appointments or events. Right now, I'm using it to look at all the phone calls I have scheduled this afternoon with cloud integration and brokerage companies who I'm planning to provide my other ZDNet column, Next-Gen Partner. Each meeting entry lets me see easily who is attending. If I touch his or her name, I can see all of their contact information, which I could use to call or message that person if I was running late or needed to let them know something beforehand.

You can also search across all of your linked accounts and create contextual cross-service streams based on certain tags or terms. I just searched on "quartet" (I sing in one in my spare time), and it brought up all the posts across Facebook and Google that are related to this activity.

I can see how the free KiteDesk service might be particularly useful for people that have more than one Gmail or Google account (for personal and professional services) or who maintain more than one Twitter feed. Although right now it seems more like an integrated reader interface (akin to the Flipboard application) rather than a two-way communications tool.

You can also access your aggregated account feed in the cloud, using KiteDesk's Web interface. 

For more on how you might use KiteDesk to organize your life:

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