Klout tapping into big data fervor with new business portal

Klout is bringing five years of data and algorithmic models in the making and bringing them to businesses looking to pick up on social media activity.


There is plenty debate about whether or not Klout scores really reflect a person's online influence, but it could work wonders for branding with the debut of a new business portal.

The San Francisco-based company is tapping into big data fervor with Klout for Business, an analytics platform designed to offer companies more information about how and where influencers are engaging with their brands across social media channels.

Essentially, it's taking on the likes of Adobe and Salesforce.com's marketing cloud platforms with five years worth of data points and algorithmic models to produce a platform that could be very enticing to digital marketers.

Matthew Thomson, vice president of business development at Klout, asserted in a blog post on Wednesday that the existing Klout service already reaches approximately 70 percent of digital influencers with new users added everyday.

Thus, he suggested that Klout's solution can be easily replicated from the consumer model to businesses (with some adjustments).

Businesses will be able to look at an easy-to-read dashboard that tells you, at-a-glance, whether you are engaging your influencers on the networks where they are most actively exerting their influence and on which Klout Score ranges you could stand to amp up your efforts. Most importantly, Klout can tell you which topics your audience influences others on, helping you maximize your content efforts to drive consideration for your brand.

Klout for Business isn't entirely open to the public yet, but interested businesses can register to apply for early access now.

Screenshot via The Official Klout Blog