​Korean software firm Konan launches AI-based search collector

The beta version of Granary.pro launched by Konan Technology allows users to collect their bookmarked searches while protecting their private information.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

CSG Konan Technology

Konan Technology, a Korean AI-based big data software firm, has launched a beta version of a webpage search manager that protects private user information.

Granary.pro is a web service aimed at professionals that saves and manages webpages. Users can store a webpage in online folders and use webpage information and data as a reference when creating documents on their PCs.

Users can also perform searches on their own folders and search for links to webpages stored by other users. This way they can gauge what is gaining interest and collect these pages for their own account.

The search manager uses collective intelligence technology to quickly provide accurate information that the user has searched for and find the pages that are being referenced extensively, Konan Technology said.

"As a product developer, I used Bookmark, Evernote, Pocket, etc to manage the links of the webpages I found on the internet," said Wantaek Lim, director of Granary.pro. "We've developed Granary.pro in the belief that we can do better."

"Pocket simply stores webpage links, but Granary.pro manages related links by folder, and automatically extracts and saves the search terms instead of the tags," he added. "With search based on collective intelligence, a user can see the most popular webpage links stored in Granary.pro. So he or she easily sees what other users are interested in with the same search queries and what he or she has missed."

While internet searches on engines such as Google leave a web history, Granary.pro users can search for webpages without leaving a footprint. Granary.pro says in its privacy policy that no personal data is disclosed in other users' search results, and that only title, URL, and search keywords of links to webpages are displayed.

The search manager is available immediately through a user's Google account in 10 countries including the US, Japan, China, and France, as well as South Korea.

The open beta will run till June, only available on Chrome for now. After June, users will have the choice between Basic option, which is free of charge and offers a saving capacity of 200 webpages, and the $14.99-per-year option, which will allow the saving of 2,000 webpages.

Konan was founded in 1999 and marked $8.2 million in revenue in 2015 with sales of its data, AI, and search engine software.

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