​Korean team puts OLED on fibre thinner than hair

A team at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has successfully built an OLED on fibre thinner than hair that will pave the way for new wearables.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

A research team at at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has successfully built a OLED on fibre thinner than a human hair.

The team led by professor Choi Kyung-chul developed the technology that will allow putting OLED on fibre ranging from 300 micrometres in diameter to those thinner than 90 micrometres -- the diameter of hair.

The team developed an OLED device architecture that is more suitable for fibre, and its deep coating process will make OLED for 3D fibre that is just as power efficient and with a similar life span as OLED for flat panels.

The OLED on fibre had a luminance of 10,000cd/m2 and efficiency of 11cd/A.

It also worked normally when put on woven fabrics.

The process is applied at under 105 degrees Celsius, which will allow OLED to be put on a wider range of fibres.

OLED is increasingly being sought for displays and as a lighting source due to malleability derived from the lack of need for a back light.

In April last year, a separate Korean team at ETRI developed an OLED display using graphene.

Last month, LG introduced an OLED lighting brand, aimed mostly at automobiles.

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