LG launches OLED lighting brand for cars

LG Display's flexible OLED lighting brand Luflex will first be used in cars and commercial spaces.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

OLED as lighting, and bendable. Image: LG Display

LG Display has kicked off operations of its OLED lighting production line that will sell under the brand name Luflex, the company announced.

The firm will supply the flexible OLED lighting first for cars, and will then provide them for commercial spaces and lighting makers. Luflex is short for lux, or light source, and flexibility.

LG's goal is to become the top brand in OLED lighting, the company said. OLED's use of organic material made it closest to natural light, and it consumes less power and produces less heat. It is also light, and can be made transparent or flexible, allowing a wide range of design freedom, the firm said.

The line at its P5 factory handles fifth generation (1100mm x 1250mm) substrates and can produce up to 30 times more than its second generation (370mm x 470mm), which it used for mainly smartwatch displays, the company said.

The new line will execute 15,000 substrates initially and increase production going forward.

LG said major car makers were showing strong interest but didn't name them. The company already provides several with its OLED display.

LG has positioned itself as a leader in OLED technology. In June, it showcased a 77-inch transparent OLED display.

At CES this year, LG Electronics showed off a "wallpaper" OLED TV, with a display supplied by LG Display.

Behind Samsung, LG is a runner-up as a supplier of OLED displays used for smartphones.

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