KT to expand deployment of 5G inside buildings

KT will begin 5G services within large and crowded buildings such as airports and train stations.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

South Korean telco KT will begin the rollout of 5G wireless networks services at large and crowded buildings such as airports and train stations, the company has announced.

The country's second largest mobile carrier said it has been developing a 5G in-building repeater since February 2018 and finished development in January. The company has since been testing its 5G in-building repeater to get it ready for commercial deployment.

Deploying a wireless network within large commercial complexes or buildings is more difficult compared to deploying one outdoors as there are more obstacles and concentrated data traffic.

KT said it would collaborate with rivals SK Telecom and LG Uplus to utilise their base infrastructures. The three will collaborate to deploy 5G networks within 119 large buildings, with KT to be in charge of deployment for 95 of them.


KT has begun deployment of 5G wireless network within large buildings and complexes.

(Image: KT)

The buildings will include major train stations for KTX, South Korea's express train service, in addition to large department stores in the metropolitan areas around Seoul, and Gimpo International Airport.

Coverage for in-building 5G will be expanded to over 1,000 buildings by the end of the year, KT said.

South Korea deployed its 5G wireless networks in April, securing a million subscribers within 69 days of launch, the Ministry of Science and ICT said.

Coverage is currently focused on the capital Seoul and adjacent areas but carriers are aiming to expand this to 90% of the country by the end of the year.

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