Last minute geeky panic shopping ideas for students

As the last minute Christmas shopping rush kicks in, students - I've got the perfect gifts for you (and nobody else, just you)
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

If it's any consolation, I've never been a fan of Christmas along with buying presents. While most female partners take time and energy into looking for just the right thing, little do they know that when men buy presents, nothing enters the mind except, "that'll do." Still, if students struggle to hand essays in on time, what hope do we have of getting gifts to our loved ones on time?

My partner has Gok Wan's latest book, "How to Look Good Naked". Hopefully she'll get the hint. As Christmas seems to be about things you don't really need, but nevertheless really, really want, on with the show.

Counting Money Jar - iwoot.com - £14.99 (UK)

Money is tight at university and it's not easy getting by. No matter how hard you try, your savings will turn into your overdraft, and then you'll be swimming in debt, and still need to repay the student loans gods with the beating heart of your first-born child.

But with a money pot which you can keep track of those spare pennies and cents, you'll be able to save up your dedicated Emergency Beer Fund and know how much is in there.

USB Coffee Hotplate - Amazon.com - $14.99 (US)

Essay writing season is over. Oh wait, no it's not - we've still got months and months of labourious hard graft, all-nighters and hair-pulling stress to go. The amount of times I've made myself a nice brew and it's gone cold because I've been too focused on my two screens are in infinite capacity.

Well no more. Keep your brew going with a USB powered hotplate which will keep your cuppa nice and warm for a good hour or so. It'll revolutionise your life, guaranteed.

Bluetooth Laser Keyboard - Ecoocity - $169.99 (US)

The cool factor alone with this should be enough. This keyboard is about half the size of a pack of cigarettes and sits vertically on any desk or surface and projects a laser keyboard onto it. Using Bluetooth, it transfers the signals to your compatible mobile device (and most are, it seems) at a rate of 400 characters a minute.

No matter where you are or what you're doing, you'll be able to connect up the two - the keyboard and your mobile device - and tap away at emails, essays or Facebook messages, and look like you're out of a Terminator film in the process.

Refreezable Glowing Ice Cubes - iwoot.com - £7.99

Forget glowsticks or disco lights - refreezable ice cubes that emit a subtle glow into your drinks are the way to go. While the battery doesn't last all that long, they are especally cool while you've got them on (excuse the pun).

The gel freezes and keeps your drink at a nice cold temperature, and when you're raving it up at a house party, these will not only add to the atmosphere but also really confuse the incredibly drunk. A double win in my books.

Well, those are my ideas anyway, and because I'm a bit daft and as students are spendthrifts as it is, throw in your suggestions; the more the merrier (again, another pun. I'm stopping before it's too late).

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