Latest Android figures paint dismal tablet picture

Only 3.3% of all Android devices are Honeycomb tablets, which is not a lot of sales in 2011.

Android continues its assault on the mobile space based on statistics from Google, but those figures paint a dismal picture for tablet sales. While most analysts are focused on the percentage of Android devices running the latest version 4.x, the Honeycomb numbers aren't very good.

The figures just released show that of all Android devices activated to date, only 3.3% of them run Android 3.x, aka Honeycomb. Honeycomb only runs on tablets, so the numbers paint an accurate picture of just how few Android tablets have been activated. If we use Andy Rubin's latest tweet claiming 200 million devices have been activated to date, that 3.3% running Honeycomb only represents 6.6 million Android tablets.

The first Honeycomb tablet appeared on the market a year ago, so that's not a lot of Android tablets activated in 2011. That covers all of the major tablets released by Motorola, Samsung, ASUS, Lenovo, and all others. That's a lot of tablet models sharing the 6.6 million in sales, so no one is making a lot of sales on Android so far.

Even more telling, these numbers from Google show that of the Honeycomb tablets activated, only half of them are running the most stable version 3.2. The other half is still running Android 3.1, and a few the totally unreliable version 3.0. It's a concise picture of the fragmentation issue that is Android, straight from Google.

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