Lenovo: Is it Microsoft's Windows 8 go-to partner?

Lenovo is integrating touch into its line-up of laptops, desktops and even a tabletop PC. As Lenovo goes Windows 8 sales could follow.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Lenovo at CES 2013 is pushing everything from ultrabooks to table PCs to convertibles. The common thread is Windows 8 and touch is everywhere.

For Lenovo, touchscreens are going to be integrated throughout most of its product line-up beginning in the first quarter and a few months beyond. The short version is that sometime around April touch will be integrated into most laptops and even a table-top PC.

In other words, Lenovo is pushing Windows 8 and touch laptop upgrades heavily. Given Lenovo is at least statistically tied as the No. 1 PC maker with HP and ahead depending on what numbers you use, Microsoft's Windows 8 push really starts in a few months.

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Depending on how other PC makers react, Lenovo is likely to emerge as Microsoft's most critical Windows 8 partner. Lenovo has the consumer, business and emerging market exposure that other PC players may lack.

Lenovo's tabletop PC. Credit: Rich Brown, CNET.


As noted last week, hardware is the biggest problem with Microsoft's Windows 8 launch. The OS may have a few issues, but the line-up of hardware feels decidedly 1.0. The machines coming out of CES are showing a bit more refinement.

If tech buyers play along---Lenovo could become the lead soldier for Microsoft's Windows 8 rollout. One of Lenovo's designs---the IdeaPad Yoga 11 and ThinkPad Helix---are likely to stick. The jury is out on Lenovo's 27-inch multiuser table PC.

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