Lenovo leaps ahead in smart TV race

Chinese PC maker launches first smart TV equipped with Android 4.0 and voice control features ahead of Apple, which is reportedly also working on similar project.
Written by Kevin Kwang, Contributor

Lenovo launched its first smart TV on Sunday, firing off the first salvo in the smart TV wars between other manufacturers such as Apple. The device will be powered by Google's latest Android operating system and equipped with voice control features, a report noted.

According to tech news site Computerworld US' report Sunday, the device is named K91 Smart TV and will provide classic TV functionality as well as voice control and console-quality games capabilities.

Nick Reynolds, director at Lenovo, added: "This allows the user to tell the remote control what they want to do, such as accessing thousands of TV apps available running on Android 4.0, or accessing LenovoCloud service to download new upgrades, and also access personal multimedia content or interact on social networks."

The K91 smart TV is expected to be made available in China by the first quarter of this year, and the company is looking for further opportunities to bring the device to other markets, Reynolds added.

This launch gives the Chinese PC maker an edge over rivals, particularly Apple, which last December was said to be in talks with various media executives about its TV ambitions. Cupertino is also said to be working on a TV set that could wirelessly stream content to access shows, movies and other content.

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