Lessons from Dubai: Clean anything without water

There's not much of the stuff in the desert. Entrepreneurs Sanuj and Rishi Kholi offer a service to "dry clean" everything from cars to skyscrapers to urinals.
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Everything from cars to skyscrapers gets dusty in parched Dubai. The Kohli brothers have a service to clean them without water.


Brothers Rishi and Sanuj Kohli are redefining "dry cleaning".

The entrepreneurs have made a lively business out of providing water-free car washes in Dubai. Good idea in a parched land, and a terrific example for a world facing a water crisis. You can see their WaterWise Car Washing service in action in a BBC video posted this week.

After I spotted the report, I bounced around the Internet to learn more, and discovered that the Kohlis have a towering vision for expanding their service. In an interview last June with Abu Dhabi newspaper The National, Sanuj said,

"We are looking at how to clean other things without water, such as buildings, using robotic technology. We are expecting to do that within 12 to 18 months. We plan to start with one of the major skyscrapers. By the end of this year, we hope to officially launch waterless urinals in safari camps and corporate buildings in mainly Kenya as well as Tanzania."

It's nearly a year since Sanuj, then 26, and Rishi, then 35, peered into the future. We'll find out soon whether their business is reaching new heights, or whether their ideas were all wet.

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Or you could just ban the car:

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