Let's break up the media, broadband, and IT infrastructure companies and build a new world digital Frankenstein

The media companies, as we know, are facing a reset on the power of brand and the role of talent.

The most recent Gillmor Gang podcast gets on the slippery slope of DRM and then digs its edges in to define the broad outlines of the new world digital order. The media companies, as we know, are facing a reset on the power of brand and the role of talent.

But what's becoming more clearly in motion from the Gang is the notion that today's media, broadband, wireless, and IT infrastructure titans are mis-constructed. They have some good parts, some bad parts, but mostly missing parts. The world they were built for is gone.

What if, with a wave of a magic investment bankers' wand, we could break up the major corporations in these fields. We could then examine each constituent part on its own, in relationship to the other disassembled parts from the other titans, and begin to construct the quintessential full-service digital stream company for 2010.

When Time Warner snuggles with Google, and Murdoch wants the youth vote, Apple distributes ABC/Disney/Pixar, Yahoo! is TV Guide for the universe, Microsoft will whore itself to anyone with a $1.99 show worth downloading, and Intel is making a move on the virtual home network/platform hegemony role -- then all bets are off.

Maybe Microsoft should have taken Judge Jackson's medicine. It might have been better able now to  assemble the new order digital stream provider from its parts, while milking the enterprise platform cow for the dividends separately. I imagine the combined market cap of a Jacksonian broken-up Microsoft (acquiring and partnering aggressively) would be bigger than the monolithic albeit obsolete MSFT we have now.


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