Let's make a cleantech deal

San Francisco research firm launches global matchmaking service for clean technology entrepreneurs and investors.

Kachan & Co., a San Francisco based clean technology research and consulting firm, has launched an online service that matches clean technology companies with 7,000 investors worldwide.

The service, called Hello Cleantech, is, “Open to new or established cleantech innovation companies in all regions seeking equity financing of any amount at any financing stage, including early stage or growth capital,” the company said in a press release. It also provides investors with “a new source of deal flow,” the press release notes.

“In an uncertain venture investment environment, capital raises in cleantech are taking longer than ever, “ says managing partner Dallas Kachan. “Hello Cleantech was designed to provide maximum benefit to clean technology companies with zero out-of-pocket cost, helping cleantech companies accelerate and simplify the process of finding new investment partners for no up-front fee.”

Kachan vets funding applicants based on “perceived attractiveness to venture investors” using criteria including “innovation, differentiation versus competitors, market opportunity, and apparent ability to execute.”

Details about the successful companies would then flash before 7,000 institutional investors with an interest in clean technology innovation. Those investors - located globally - receive a monthly email with abstracts about the latest companies accepted.

Kachan is charging a finder’s fee for any deals completed through the service. Kachan & Co. also has offices in San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto. Besides providing advisory and research services, it publishes a newsletter called the Kachan Letter.

Photo: OOH Media

Note: The author of this blog wrote two freelance articles for the Kachan Letter a year ago. He is not currently writing for the newsletter.

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