Let's talk about sex

Dr Ruth broadcasts over the NetSex on the Net is nothing new but no one does it quite like Dr Ruth Westhemier, who will be presenting of series of online talks on the subject starting Thursday.

The diminutive sex doctor will host a series of online programmes to be broadcast over the Net. The first explored the sexual practices of inhabitants on the so-called "island of love" in the South Pacific.

The series will be hosted by Internet broadcaster foreignTV.com. ForeignTV.com's CEO Jonathan Braun is delighted to have Dr Ruth onboard. "For the first time, millions of people will have a chance to see and experience Dr. Ruth's truly global expertise. From Bombay to Berlin, Dr Ruth will show our worldwide audience how people today are managing their personal relationships," he said.

Dr Ruth will not be appearing on ZDNet UK News. According to extensive research carried out by ZD Labs, all our readers are sex experts already.