​LG V30 to have f/1.6 aperture lens for dual-camera

LG Electronics' upcoming V30 smartphone will have an f/1.6 aperture lens for one of its dual cameras, allowing brighter and more life-like photos and videos.
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Conventional plastic lens, top, receives less light than V30's glass, bottom, LG said.

Image: LG

LG Electronics' upcoming V30 smartphone will have an f/1.6 aperture lens for one of its dual cameras on the back, the company has confirmed.

Its predecessor, the V20, has an f/1.8 aperture lens. The lower the number, the more light the sensor can receive, so the V30's lens will be around 25 percent brighter, LG said.

The phone will have a dual camera on the back, one ordinary angle -- which uses the f/1.6 aperture lens -- and another wide-angle.

The new camera will allow for brighter and more lifelike photos and videos, the company said.

The normal angle camera uses a "crystal clear lens" for the first of six lenses, which absorbs light directly, LG said. The glass lens, compared with a conventional plastic lens, has a high transmittance rate of visible light for expression of detail that is level with +DSLR cameras, the company added.

The wide-angle camera has also been upgraded to reduce edge distortion by a third compared to the V20's wide-angle camera.

The normal angle camera will be 1.6 megapixel and the wide-angle 1.3 megapixel, with the module 30 percent smaller than the V20's.

LG hinted at the phablet's camera prowess in a teaser this week, showing the lens icon of the camera with the moniker "lights, camera, action". The phone is to be unveiled on August 31 at the sidelines of the IFA tradeshow in Berlin.

The new phone will also be the first of LG's flagships to feature an OLED Full Vision display. LG has previously used LCD screens for flagships up to the G6.

It will also have 18:9 ratio screen like the G6, which was launched earlier this year.

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