LibreOffice update fixes more than 50 bugs

The Document Foundation has updated the version of the open source software suite targeted at enterprise users.
Written by Nick Heath, Contributor on

The enterprise-targeted version of open source software LibreOffice has been updated to fix more than 50 bugs.

The Document Foundation yesterday released LibreOffice 3.6.6 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The 3.6 version is targeted at enterprises and individuals who prize stability over more advanced features.

Fixes from 3.6.5 include rectifying incorrect presentation when importing and exporting various file types and preventing various crashes while editing and manipulating files. A full list of fixes for can be found here and can be found here.

The latest release of LibreOffice 4, a less stable version than 3.6 but with more advanced features, was recently made available.

The headline features of the LibreOffice 4 release were Content Management Interoperability Service Integration that allowed LibreOffice to be used in various document work-flow and storage systems, such as Alfesco, the ability to customise the interface with Firefox Personas and improved Microsoft Office and application interoperability.

Both updates are available to download through the LibreOffice.org site.

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