LifeProof Next and Slam for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Added protection for outdoor adventures

The Galaxy S9 Plus has a high level of dust and water resistance, but it is still made of glass panels and isn't made to be dropped. LifeProof has a few case options to enhance your level of protection.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Life is not lived inside the office, but don't worry LifeProof has the answer for your weekend adventures.

A couple of weeks ago, the LifeProof Next and Slam arrived for testing with the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. These cases have been out on the cycling trail and on construction sites since they arrived.

LifeProof Next

The new LifeProof Next is the mid-level model of the LifeProof brand with the LifeProof Fre targeted to those who need a case that is waterproof, dropproof, dirtproof, and snowproof. I did not test out the Fre case this time.

The LifeProof Next case consists of two pieces that snap tightly together to seal in your Galaxy S9 Plus. The back is composed of a rigid clear plastic that extends up to the four sides to hold your Galaxy in place without any ability to shift. There is an inner seal around the dual camera and fingerprint scanner, as well as along the four edges.

The front piece has clear plastic and colored softer material that fits over the top of your Galaxy S9 Plus. After placing your Samsung into the back piece, this top part snaps in place. Make sure to go all around every edge as you will hear a lot of clicking as the front locks in place. The colored material is available in black crystal, beach pebble, and cactus rose. I tested out the black crystal model that consists of clear plastic with a matte black frame piece.

There are raised buttons for the power button on the right side and volume/Bixby buttons on the left. Covers protect the USB-C port and 3.5mm headset jack along the bottom.

There is no cover on the front of this case so if you want to protect the display then you should consider the Fre case or pick up a tempered glass screen protector. The Galaxy S9 Plus does have an IP68 dust and water resistant rating so you could drop your Galaxy in this case in the water, but I would try to avoid that if possible.

The LifeProof Next case is quite slim for a protective case and you no longer have to double the thickness of your phone to get a solid level of protection. It is available now for $67.99, regularly priced at $79.99.

LifeProof Slam

If you want to save some money and just need enhanced drop protection for your Galaxy S9 Plus, then you may want to try out the $42.49 (regularly $49.99) LifeProof Slam case.

The LifeProof Slam comes in three available color schemes: Night Flash (all black with lime green highlights), Aloha Sunset (teal and pink highlights), and Lava Chaser (reds and gray highlights). I tested out the Lava Chaser one, which I personally found to be an attractive color.

The Slam case has a clear plastic rigid back that is not as substantial as the one found on the LifeProof Next. There is no seal around the camera opening or sides as this case is primarily concerned with providing drop protection.

The front frame piece is more flexible while still having raised buttons for the volume, Bixby, and power buttons. There are openings for the USB-C port and 3.5mm headset jack, but no covered to further protect them.

Overall, the LifeProof Slam is a fairly simply case that provides just the essentials. However, it does pass the two meter drop test so it adds some protection to your S9 Plus.

Wireless charging and Samsung Pay are both supported with both of these cases. In addition, these cases are a part of the Designed for Samsung program and are certified to work well with the Galaxy S9 Plus.

LifeProof cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Designed for rugged handling

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