LinkedIn removing Tweets app due to low usage rates

LinkedIn isn't giving up on Twitter, but it is shifting resources from its Tweets app to other LinkedIn products.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

While Twitter is semi-responsible for shutting one social media service down (in the sense that it is acquiring the company and changing the product), a Twitter-related application is being closed by another party.

LinkedIn is shutting down its Tweets application soon, effective on Tuesday, January 31, according to TechCrunch.

Why? Reportedly, that's because hardly anyone is using it.

Unveiled in 2010, LinkedIn's Tweets application was designed to enable users to be able to find and track of LinkedIn connections on the microblogging site as well as provide recommendations and view Twitter feeds of connections.

Sounds interesting enough, and if you're a frequently on LinkedIn, it might save you a step in the process of stalking, er, tracking colleagues and potential clients' Twitter activity.

This isn't to say that LinkedIn is giving up on Twitter altogether. LinkedIn reps have used the company's official Twitter page (appropriately enough) to answer members' questions about the change.

More to the point, LinkedIn is just removing the widget, and Twitter users can still post their Tweets to their LinkedIn profiles as status updates.

LinkedIn is also attributing the removal to further investment in LinkedIn Signal (a news feed of LinkedIn contacts) and LinkedIn Today (a news feed of real news), among other products, instead of the Tweets app.


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