Linux gets wireless boost from development figures

Wireless Linux proves a favourite among many software developers

Linux has seen a huge wireless boost according to research Thursday which shows a 50% growth in the number of wireless Linux applications being developed over the last 6 months.

The growth is reported in the Evans Data Corporation's Linux Developers Survey, a study of more than 300 Linux firms carried out in August of this year. It found that of the 20 percent of development work currently going into applications for mobile devices, there has been a significant increase in the number of Linux solutions over the last half year.

Wireless is a buzzword that has hardware suppliers hurrying to make mobile devices Internet connected and with the imminent introduction of the broadband mobile networks in Europe. Nevertheless, the growing success of the open source operating system in the space is impressive, believes Evans Data.

"Wireless is hot among developers now," comments Janel Garvin, vice president of Research at Evans Data, "but this increase among Linux developers is astounding."

The study does, however, detect a few stumbling blocks to the growth of this development work. According to the survey, developers cited a lack of device drivers and good development tools as the main obstacles.

Research from IDC in July also predicts that Linux will see significant adoption on mobile devices. It indicated that Germany and the Nordic countries would see the most significant penetration of Linux on mobile devices.

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