Live 2000 Nuggets: Organise your life with the Ericsson R380

Crumbs, this convergence lark is getting a bit serious
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

Here's a foxy Smartphone from Ericsson. The R380 is a perfectly decent dual band mobile, and when you flip it open you find a range of personal organiser functions too.

The ER380 weighs 164g, and measures 130x50x26mm. When the hinge is closed, then it looks and acts just like a normal dual band phone. Flip open the keypad, though, and you find yourself looking at a pretty big touch sensitive screen (85x30mm or 360x120 pixels, to be precise). Whip out the stylus and you can bring up a series of options such as diary, calendar or a to-do list. The 380R is compatible with most of the obvious personal information management software like Outlook, Exchange and Lotus Organiser and Notes.

The 380R really kicks off when it comes to text entry, as you can just draw the letters you want on the screen. The display is invisibly divided into three areas -- one for capital letters, one for lower-case and a third for numbers. If you don't like handwriting recognition, or if your handwriting is really atrocious, then you can call up a qwerty keyboard instead.

This makes emailing and SMSing much less of a chore.

It's WAP 1.1-compatible, and Web pages are a damn sight easier to read on such a big screen.

The R380 went on general retail sale the other week. According to Ericsson, you should be looking to pay around £299 with contract or £540 without.

  • Ericsson R380 mobile phone
  • £299 with network contract, £540 without
  • 164g
  • 130x50x26mm
  • 85x30mm display (360x120 pixels)
  • Dual-band
  • Personal assistant - calendar, to-do,address book,contact list
  • WAP 1.1, SMS, email
  • www.ericsson.co.uk

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